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Pressed Oil Tea
Pressed oil tea is originated from Dong Nationality, Dong, yao Tujia and some Zhuang Nationality in Liuzhou Prefecture have habits to entertain guests with oil tea. Pressed oil tea is traditional
flavour food of Liuzhou minority nationality. Pressed oil tea mainly adopts tea leaves, glutinous rice, peanuts, salt, ginger and green onion etc. or fried or boiled, and gathered and steeped. Meaning of
pressed of the pressed oil tea is preparation or eating. Pressed oil tea has feature of being not oily with oil and fragrant smell, it has curative effect of invigorating the function of the stomach and warming body,clearing damp and avoiding miasma. Never forget drinking a bowl of original oil tea of Dong Village when you go sightseeing in Liuzhou.

Dule Eight-treasure Rice
It is a high quality product of Liuzhou Dule Group Dule Food Factory,made of high quality rice, lard, white sugar, sweetened bean paste, lotus seed, preserved fruit, raisin, orange pudding and candied date etc. steeped with water, aired and steamed, it smells fragrant, soft rice and good taste.It is available in grocery, restaurant and market meal stall etc.

Oyster Oil Roast Pork Steamed Bun
It is one of necessary variety in large and middle-sized tea buildings in Liuzhou all the year round, it is also a famous freshment in all freshments.It adopts traditional ferment method and it is prepared by manual,sparrow cage shape is the best modelling, snow-white skin and smooth stuffing with juice.

It is a most important food in every tea building, after experts have a look at beef sumai, they can learn which refreshments from tea buildings are good. beef sumai with choice materials is prepared by special people. The

Pellicle Fresh Shrimp Dumpling
Shrimp dumpling stuffing not only contains shrimp but also shaped like Gammarid. Shrimp dumpling is shaped like thumb, thin skin and translucent, stuffing material can be seen through the skin. In big or small tea buildings in Liuzhou, shrimp dumpling becomes the necessary famous old refreshment in the tea buildings because of beautiful appearance,being smooth & not oily, fresh and good taste. Stuffing materials of shrimp dumpling is not only limited fresh shrimp, but also colourful stuffing materials

Smooth Pork Steamed Vermicelli Roll
Steamed Vermicelli Roll, also called Rice Noodle with Pig Intestine, is named from the pig intestine. Preparation: first roll the smooth pork with a piece of rolled rice noodle into a piece and cut it into 8-centimeter-long section, steam in the bamboo steamer, pour it with unboiled oil, cooked oil,pepper sauce and seafood sauce etc. after steamed.

Honeycomb Taro
Honeycomb Taro ado pts original Lipu areca taro, Guangxi specialty as material with stuffing such as roast pork, scallion and bean curd skin etc.,fried in the oil spot till golden colour, make it like honeycomb, it smells food and tastes crisp. It is one of famous special refreshments in Liuzhou.


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