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Tourism routes

Liuzhou City Tour (One Day or Two Days)
Temple, Dule Caves, Rare Stones Galley and Sanmenjiang National
Liuzhou Industrial Tour (One Day )
Customs Tours of Minority Peoples

Two-Days Tour of Hometown of Liu Sanjie(Liuzhou,Yizhou)

120 km apart from Liuzhou to Yizhou it takes one hour for driving
Beautiful scenes including the Standing-carp Hill, Dragon Pool Park,
Riverside Park, Liuhou Park, Liuhou Temple, Bagui Rare Stones
Gallery, Xiajie River, Liu Hezhai and Bailong Cave.
The Standing-carp Hill, Dragon Pool Park, Lliuhou Park,Liuhou
Forest Park

Liuzhou Wulin Mini-vans Factory, Liuzhou

Arts and Caves and Porcelain Factory.
Iron Steel Plant, Liuzhou
· One-Day or Two-Days Tours: Customs Tour at Rongshui Miao Nationality County;
· One-Day or Two-Days Tours: Customs Tour at Yizhou Zhuang Nationality.
· Two-Days Tour: Customs Tour at Sanjiang Dong Nationality County.
· Three-Days Tour: Customs Tour at Jinxiu Yao Nationality County.
Visit natural villages of different nationalities, enjoy their singing, dancing and their
unique customs, take part in bonfire get-together, taste minority foods and oil-tea,have a
Bei river cruiser etc.
Liuzhou and Yizhou are said to be places where Liu Sanjie,the fairy
singer of Zhuang ethnic in legend, disseminated and sang her folksong
and ascended to heaven by riding on the back of an angel fish. It is about



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