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New Year Greeting for disaster area people

     (Inset) Government officials Chen Gang, Gan Lin and Na Xiang were talking to disaster area people. Photographed by Liuzhou Daily reporter Jiang Li.

  Government officials including Mayor Chen Gang, Deputy Mayor Gan Lin, and Chairman of the Municipal Committee Na Xiang drove to disaster area Rongshui County to send greetings to the public.

  All the villagers went out to welcome the comforting team. Chen Gang shook hands with them and assigned comforting goods to 4comforting team. Chen Gang shook hands with them and assigned comforting goods to 48 households.

  Chen Gang expressed the huge attention governments at all levels have paid to disaster areas. “We cannot let the disaster damage our lives and the government can guarantee you place to live and clothes to wear.” He also asked: “are you confident about building a new home?” A positive answer was given.

  The team then went to poor families and gave comforting goods to them, which were highly appreciated by the people. The villagers are all confident about the future and grateful for the government helps.

  During the half month when electricity and water were cut by the harsh weather, local government officials went into villages to investigate situations and to send helps to the people.

  Since January 12th, the start of the snow disaster, people from all walks of life have given their helps to disaster area people: 2.28 million RMB donation, 3700 quilts, 4300 cotton-padded clothes, 31 thousand clothes, 20 tons rice etc. There is no death in those area and people’s lives have been guaranteed.

  The New Year dinner was special for the people. Some villagers had dinner with the officials, who brought traditional dishes from the city. Chen Gang toasted to the villagers and wish for a happy New Year.

  When the officials leave, villagers were seeing them out of the village. They also gave self-made foods as gifts.

  Liuzhou Daily, Dong Ming & Jiang Ji report



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