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To build a clean Liuzhou ─ energy saving and emission reducing works done

     When visiting Liuzhou in October 2006, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao highly praised this industrial city as beautiful mountains and rivers. According to scientific developing plan, Liuzhou has been paying attention on environment protection while developing industry and has made great achievements.

  Someone said Liuzhou is more and more like an ecological park. Nowadays there are so many green places in the city. Although it is an industrial city, it still keeps its clean environment. This is all because of energy saving and emission reducing plan.

  All the villagers went out to welcome the comforting team. Chen Gang shook hands with them and assigned comforting goods to 4comforting team. Chen Gang shook hands with them and assigned comforting goods to 48 households.

  In Liuzhou, energy saving and emission reducing is not a pressure but an awareness of the whole society.

  In 2007, the industrial-used coal consumption was only 2.63 ton, with a 13.95% decrease. All other statistics have dropped as well.

  There are other surprises beside these: in 2007, urban air cleaning days were 101 level-1 days and 250 level-2 days, which makes a 96.2% good portion and the best year in 20 years. 444.4 kilometre rivers in Liuzhou area was the first class in the province. The city was on the third place of Guangxi comprehensive city environment examination, after Guilin and Beihai.

  These good news show Liuzhou is improving its ecological condition despite its industrial base development.

  To save energy and reduce emission is a requirement for modern construction and is vital for the whole city’s development. Now there are over 500 industrial enterprises in the city, which is the prominent part of our economy and environmental plan.

  Last year, an enterprise energy saving plan was made. 40 major energy consumption enterprises have to set a new energy saving goal and will be supervised by the government.

  In 2007, total industrial output in the city has reached 138.9 billion Yuan (RMB), with a 24.5% increase compared to last year. However, industrial consumption has decreased at the same time. This is because three reasons: first, enterprises were under and followed the new regulation; second is the awareness of the whole society; third is the increase of energy recycle rate.

  Liuzhou Daily, Ye Zipeng reports


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