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Hundred mile Liujiang will addin the scenery,river to be present hundred mete...

The Guangxi Liuzhou first Liujiang river surface eruptive fountain, yesterday morning completed the assembly work, not date hoisting, in the original Henan vehicle crossed the wharf on the Liujiang river surface, planned completes the complete project in September and opens spurts, at the appointed time will become hundred mile Liujiang hundred miles decorated corridors another to glisten the landscape. 

According to Development organization engineering dept engineer introduced that this “the Liujiang hundred meters eruptive fountains” (name floats the box by 15 to be composed the width 6 meters, the length 17 meters pontoons temporarily), installs 3, each 90 kilowatt water pumps on the pontoon, the lift of pump reaches as high as 110 meters. According to spurts the height 100 meters designs the nozzles to be located in “the ship” central, pulls out the Liujiang river water to supply the eruptive fountain use

The eruptive fountain establishes in the Huafeng bay original vehicle crosses the wharf, now constructs on sand beach north side river surface, to sand beach (water affinity platform) approximately 20 meters. Now the load bearing eruptive fountain floated the box hull already to complete the assembly, after these days installed the water pump, then launched, after waiting the municipal construction to throw the company completed the management room construction, by the city street light administrative office carry on the eruptive fountain supply line's installment, this process needed more than 1 months.


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