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To create influential tourist destinations

City Tourist Office: To create influential tourist destinations

The"Second carving out" goal: By 2010, Liuzhou has become one of the tourist center of GuangXi; By 2015, the brand has become influential tourist destinations. By 2010,will have received domestic tourists more than 14,000,000, the average annual growth rate is 20%; foreign tourists reached 100,000 people or more, the average annual growth rate is 25%; tourism income will be 8,200,000,000 yuan, the average annual growth rate is 25%; foreign tourism earnings will be 4031 Million, an average annual increase of 34%. Cultivating 3-5 tourism enterprises with annual income of over a hundred million .

The key to win: seize the "second carving out " historic opportunity to build "tourist destinations," as the goal, to create the urban center for tourism, construction 50KM Liujiang as the core, "Liuzhou life" as its theme, integration of resources as the main line, Focusing on project development, based on regional cooperation and promoting the development of the tourism industry, tourism Liuzhou to achieve scientific development, and accelerate the development of cross-development of tourism through the promotion of Liuzhou upgrade "to upgrade the economy" through tourist destinations, promote the building of Liuzhou "urban transition" and to create Livable and tourable city ,an it should take Liuzhou characteristics tourism development.

  In accordance with the "3 points as one line, one river and two sides"  manufacturing infrastructure, around the building 5o KM Liujiangcity tourism products group, "50 KM special style," clusters of tourism products and tourism products in rural Central City , vigorously promote the construction of 68 key projects with a total investment of 25,980,000,000 yuan, "50 KM Liujiang" as the core, to build distribution center for tourism in the urban


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