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The Fifth session of Liuzhou international wonderful stone joint

The Liuzhou wonderful stone joint, the Chinese stone welcome you!

By Liuzhou people's government. Chinese Watching Stone Association. The Chinese Collector Association will sponsor “the fifth session of Liuzhou international wonderful stone joint” to hold grandly on October 11th - 17th.

This session of wonderful stone joints by “with gather stone Liuzhou, altogether enjoys the world wonder stone” is the subject, take “happy” as the center, take “enjoys the stone” as the master line. Manifests “more `quicker `is stronger” Olympic Games spirit. In wonderful stone joint time, but may also appreciate to 2008 motor dory world series grand occasion.

 the Liuzhou is the Chinese stone wonder stone market to greet the wonderful stone joint to convene the owner to represent the conference especially, tenable organization committee.


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