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Dragon boat competition


On October 1 the Liuzhou Liujiang holds the dragon boat competition, altogether arranges 18 crew fifty cents to chase

This dragon boat competition is “all-people body-building travels together the mass sports series activity with the Olympic Games”, is the Liuzhou fourth session of community culture sports festival climax, has attracted Liujiang County, the Jungan county, Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, counties, the township, the village and the Liuzhou community, Factory and mining enterprise's and so on three river Dong minority autonomous county 18 team registration participation.

The competition site is located in the willow tree rivers and streams thioindigo red bridge downstream to the article Huiqiao upstream section of river, the competition divides the male 500 meters with the currents to compete fast and the male 800 meters with the currents competes fast. The competition is divided the preliminary contest and the finals carries on, competition's first six each reward burns pig 1, multicolored silk banner 1, the liquor 10 kilogram and the corresponding bonus, seventh to 18th reward multicolored silk banner and corresponding bonus. The bonus is highest 2200 Yuan, lowest 500 Yuan

From the dragon boat competition organization committee also found that participates in competition's personnel, the request can swim above 200 meters, various participating teams registration population according to competition when on the ship delimits the hand population actually, adds the helmsman 1-2 people, the drummer 1 person, the gong 1 person, the second string 2 people, coach 1 person, leads a group 1 person. When competition the athlete must unify the sportwear, on the ship must insert the team pennant.
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