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Luowei autumn grapefruit festival opens for the first time on Mid-Autumn Fest...

Yesterday morning, with the melodious music, song and dance and interact , the 15th Luowei autumn grapefruit Festival Park is opened .

According to the Liuzhou Daily , compared to previous years, a lot of new projects are launched in this year's festival, particularly on the Mid-Autumn Festival night for the first time the grapefruit park will be opened. At that time, Evening campfire, barbecue garden, recreational and sports activities, singing and dancing performances and other activities grapefruit Park will be held in the park.

Luowei grapefruit Park is the largest merging Citrus grandis plantation base in Guangxi, so called"the first park in Guangxi." There are varieties of Citrus grandis, mature Guanxi, pomelo and so on You, the annual output is more than 50 million kg. At present, the precocious rich pomelo production is about 300,000 kg, good shape, thin,full of meat , sweet, it has been named the first high-quality fruit in local city and high- quality fruit in Guangxi. Liuzhou agribusiness companies combine features of agriculture, forestry, horticulture production, Luowei grapefruit autumn festival is held every year .since 1994, it has been successfully held 14 times, received a total of nearly one million visitors at home and abroad

compared with the previous festivals,there wil be more activities on this one. a new greenhouse of vegetables and fruits to watch , fruit-pick by their own, roast sweet-potato, Jiaohua chicken, and so on. In the meantime, the mainstream media in the city will also launch a Dating activities and interactive TV programs.

It is said that this year's Luowei grapefruit Festival will come to end at the end of the November 30.


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