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Yufeng mountain park

Yufeng Mountain Park is located at the center of Liuzhou City and has an area of 3.37 hectare.This mountain is like an upright fish and is also called "Liyufeng" (Upright Fish Peak).On the mountain,green trees form shade.The clear green water at the mountain foot is called Xiaolongtan.It is said according to the legend that Zhuang Female Celestial Singer Liu Shan Jie sang folk songs here and rided fish to go up to Heaven to become a female celestial in Xiaolongtan.There is a Liu Shan jie Statue made of white marble on the mountain.Inside the cave,there are a groups of statues showing that men and women are singing in antiphonal style.Climbing up the top of mountain,people can look down at a full view of Liuzhou



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