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Rongan Hongchagou Eco-customs Tourism Region

It is located at the place 3 km from the western suburbs of Changan Town of Rongan County of Liuzhou. It is a National Forest park, is a mountain-type natural scenic region and is called Hongchagou because black tea (Hongcha) trees are planted all over along the brook bank. Total area is 19 square km. It is a large-area high mountain primeval forest and second growth forest park. Collected peaks are continuous.Ancient trees reach to the sky. Immense forests are vast. Hill brook
is clean. A hundred waterfalls splash. Kinds of trees are more than 2000 kinds. The content of negative ions of oxygen in air per cubic cmreaches to 70,000. It is always called as natural "great oxygen supply
bar" .Hongchagou is not only an important place for scientific investigation, camp, and teaching ,but also an ideal famous scenic spot for tourism sightseeing, preventing sunstroke ,leisure and convalescent holidays .In May to September every year, forest bathing tourism activities are held in scenic spot. It is Mainly toconstruct tourism scenic spot and Tourism infrastructure.


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