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Tourism star-rating hotels

Along with the large-scale remaking of city, the core landscape regions, for example, Liuhou Park and Longtan landscape region are also raised and remade. The tourism market system,service system and management system will be continuously perfected; the starry hotels of the whole city will increased to 21 hotels.

Henceforth, Liuzhou City will strengthen "Inviting Tourists to Liuzhou" working strength, to push on "customs Liuzhou" tourism brand construction progress strongly, to promote the improvement of Liuzhou City tourism Products quality, service quality, environmental quality,management quality, and to promote the increase of tourism economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits. It is estimated that in 2010, Liuzhou will receive internal tourists more than 10,000,000 person-times and will receive entry tourists more than 150,000 person-time. Starry guesthouses and hotels industries will welcome broader development prospect.

Now, Liuzhou has imported Wantong Real Estate "Yang-guang 100" commercial real estate project in which the investment is 2,000,000,000 RMB, construction land is 170 mu and Five-Star Grade and Three-Star Grade hotels are major. Liuzhou has also imported French Yagao Hotel Management Group. It is estimated that in 2008, the total project will be entirely built and put into operation.Liuzhou will import the funds from The Republic of Korea and the funds from Hong Kong to construct the physical culture leisure park where Golf Courses and Five-star Grade Hotels are major.


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